[Campaign FaceOff] Nike VS AirBnb

Nike vs Airbnb

Yearning for human race to embrace acceptance of diversity, some of us still hold the dream, like Sarah Moores once shared, “Someday, I hope I live in the world where people look at the heart of a person instead the color of their skin!”

Racism as they say is the refuge for the ignorant, which has outdone the advances this world has achieved with its poor performance of exhibiting humanity. Being the vehicle of communication for this appearance inequality, brands are stepping up and creating content that is disseminating powerful message.

Let’s see how brands of diverse genres are molding this message, mingling it with their brand ideology; today we got Nike’s #EQUALITY and AirBnb’s #WeAccept.

Nike screams for #EQUALITY

Leading global sports brand became a voice for promoting Equality in the times when the world is torn apart with divisive politics for having a particular shade of skin.

In the soul-searching question of what the brand really stands for, they are putting out their word and voice to enthuse people directing them in a certain direction of practicing equality. Nike does this by using the power of sports to inspire people to learn the fairness on field and imbibe that in reality too.

Directed by Grammy award winner, Melina Matsoukas, this video with celebrities like LeBron James, Serena Williams, Kevin Durant, Megan Rapinoe, Dalilah Muhammad, Gabby Douglas, and Victor Cruz are featured with a soundtrack of A Change if Gonna Come, a voiceover and filtered in monochrome.

“Is this the land history promised?” Beginning with this, the video prospers further where it preaches the digital world about fairness and mutual respect, asking us to look beyond the outer shell and emphasize on human actions.

The film astutely empowers their message through the monochrome visuals which breaks the color barrier and speaks through one tone. But, Twitteratis were quick enough to pick on the hypocrisy by the brand and pointed it out.

“Equality should have no boundaries.”

#WeAccept claims AirBnb

Speaking around the same lines, yet in their own different way, AirBnb puts out an idea that highlights miscellany in mankind and persuades acceptance despite of your ideologies, your liking or your choice of worship.

The brand empathizes with the ones displaced due to war, conflicts or other factors and lends support to the vulnerable and encourages us to do the same.

Through this campaign the brand brings to our notice how they have actively providing shelter to the needy in times of disaster, partnering with organizations committed to aid refugees around the world. The brand has affirmed to provide housing for no cost to refugees and people from those seven countries barred from entering the United States as per the President’s new verdict.

With a goal to provide housing for 100,000 people in the next five years, the brand comes to aid for humanity and through their video it portrays the aesthetic colorful diversity of this world.

Acceptance is all they want, all we want.

#EQUALITY vs #WeAccept

Both giants (Nike vs Airbnb) in their own segment, talk about the same thing in two different ways. As one washes off the color and asks us to look beyond the other is filled with vibrant multi-hues of the human race and cries for acceptance.

Dissecting Nike that garnered 2.6M views on their Facebook page within just 20 hours of its release keeps its legacy of stringing in sports personalities together in their film and making a louder noise. After the Indian #DaDaDing of Nike, this global campaign is carried out on a larger scale running it on all their social media pages and changing their profile picture and cover photo into ‘Equality’.

Nike elegantly kneads sports and their message into one frame by making a lot of sense through their content. Keeping the ‘Nike’ element in their message, the brand promotes sports and relates it to a bigger picture of the current world scenario of disparity.

Whereas, AirBnb with their 1.1K views, being a travel brand that serves people around the globe and holds hospitality as the epitome of their ideology speaks the same through their video of 30 seconds. The brand that encourages people to travel across boundaries, speak about acceptance of all.

In comparison, both these campaigns fit well in their shoes by creating content that is extremely topical and makes sense to their global audience in these times of despair. Though both these campaigns did exceptionally well in their own categories, staying true to their nature and molding content satisfying their audience and ideologies.

But, Nike here has an upper hand due to its well thought and carved campaign which embellishes their message in a better way in comparison; AirBnb though hits the nail on the chord should have stretched their initiative into a lengthier campaign to reach a larger audience on social media. Despite having 5,164,906 followers on Facebook, the brand fails to have a market presence as rich as Nike.

Topical, hard-hitting and relatable – #EQUALITY and #WeAccept resonate with the emotions of the social media population and fit in the conversation with their content marketing.


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