ICICI Lombard Caring Hands uses social media for cause awareness


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ICICI Lombard kicked off the sixth edition of their Caring Hands initiative, offering health care services to underprivileged children in India.


ICICI Lombard Caring Hands leveraged social media to create awareness around their sixth edition, an initiative wherein the brand teams up with a group of ophthalmologists to conduct eye checkups for underprivileged children across the country.


Primarily focusing on video content for this year’s edition of Caring Hands, ICICI Lombard kickstarted the campaign with a teaser on their social media handles to generate buzz around the campaign.

Following up the teaser with another short pre launch video that offered insight around the initiative, the brand prepared for the eventual launch of Caring Hands.

On 9th December, the day of the launch, ICICI Lombard organized visits and set up camps in schools across the country to conduct free eye checkups and provide free spectacles to children who needed them.

Documenting the entire activity on social media through Live Tweets, ICICI Lombard initiated a conversation on social media around the cause. In order to create a visual summary of the Caring Hands initiative, a photo album was created and uploaded to Facebook by the brand to further reach out to people and spread the word.

Concluding the activity with a post launch video, it depicted how the Caring Hands initiative had an impact on the lives of children and featured short testimonials from them.


Creating awareness on social media, while at the same time helping underprivileged children, ICICI Lombard reached out to more than 33,386 children and provided spectacles to 4802 children suffering from poor vision.

The social media activity fueled positive conversations around Caring Hands due to which the campaign hashtag, #ICICILombard_CaringHands was trending in India at the number one spot for an entire day.

The first teaser video posted on Facebook reached around 3.8 Lac people, and racked up 101k views. The pre launch video managed to reach around 7Lac people, racking up 196k views on Facebook.

Reaching more than 1.2m people, and engaging with more than 78.5k on Facebook, the summary album was a big hit with the social media population, which helped the campaign register an overall campaign reach of 24.4 Lacs on Facebook, 3.2 Lac video views and over 2.17 Lac impressions on Twitter.

The conclusive post launch video garnered 25k views on Facebook and 21k impressions on Twitter, helping ICICI Lombard contribute towards the betterment of society by giving the gift of clear eyesight to thousands of children across the nation.