Getting the digital world Exide(d) about batteries

exide raees

Exide gets creative to leverage their association with SRK blockbuster, Raees.

The power of advertising is such that it makes a brand name synonymous with a category. Exide is one such brand.

This year, one of the most awaited Bollywood films Raees released its trailer in January. A trailer that caught everyone’s attention with the key scene being Shah Rukh Khan (the lead) and everyone calling him “Battery”. The King Khan corrects people with a dialogue, “Aye! Battery nahi bolneka…”

Exide saw this as a brilliant opportunity for brand integration, and hence emerged the campaign “#BatteryNahiExideBolneka” with a video launch on YouTube.

A video was launched on YouTube.

The video also was a block buster online on YouTube with a whopping 1.5Mn views and extended its lead on Facebook with an additional 3.7 Mn views.

The coming together of two stars, SRK and Exide spelled engagement on Social Media. Among the activities done, what was noteworthy was a video contest across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram where the campaign got the people to say #BatteryNahiExideBolneka. Over 145 entries in just over a week, this led to even Twitter going #BatteryNahiExideBolneka as a trend for over 4 hours.

Exide took the campaign further with an innovative activity.How does one get Google to spread this message. The brand came up with a creative way of using ‘search’ wherein they used the thought behind the auto correct feature of Google into a creative ad format. So, whenever someone Google-d for battery in English or in Hindi, it showed a result saying “Did you mean Exide?”

Arnab Saha, President National Trade Sales & Marketing, said, “Exide has always been synonymous with battery in India. The partnership with Raees and the campaign we wove around it helped us reinforce this, with the digital world going #BatteryNahiExideBolneka”

Exide stirred the digital world with sheer creativity – the Google search idea aligned with the association of the brand with Raees proved to be very effective.