Hyundai Comebackpedia strives to be #Wowsome

Aishwaria Sonavane
Feb 17, 2017 07:42 IST
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Hyundai Comebackpedia
Memes - the heart of internet humor as we like to call them have come a really long way tickling our bones with creative, witty and very shareable content. Banking on this humor, Hyundai Comebackpedia  got on board #Wowsome comedians to promote their new Grand i10.

#Wowsome comebacks   

Though Webster’s dictionary defines a comeback as “sharp or witty reply” the comedians here have their own version of defining the term by picking up some hilarious chunks from daily life.

From the world of Indian comedy, this campaign has content delivered by Vir Das, Cyrus Broacha, Kaneez Surka, Mallika Dua, Rahul Dua, Amit Tandon, and Vipul Goyal.

Comprising of varied aspects, the two films first begins with a pre-roll part of the film where it induces people to stay away from the skip button.

In the first video of Malika Dua, Vipul Goyal and Amit Tandon ask people hear them out and not skip the video and throughout the video talk about meme, first humorously arguing over its pronunciation then addressing this trend on the internet and through the video adding a few elements of hilarity. Eventually they introduce their audience to ‘Comebackpedia’ which is the encyclopedia of comebacks.

Next, Vir Das, Kaneez Surka, Rahul Dua and Cyrus Broacha too giving a funny edge to the content, talking about comebacks and introduce this campaign for the new 2017 Grand i10.

These comedians give a kick start to the campaign by asking fans to log on to their microsite and create a meme using the expressions of their desired artist, add an interesting reaction to a comeback and then share it with their friends. The few best out of the lot will be featured in their next video created by these artists and will stand an opportunity to win #Wowsome merchandise from the brand

Puneet Anand, General Manager & Group Head- Marketing, Hyundai Motor India, said “Hyundai Motor India is the country’s most loved car manufacturer and as a part of our Experience Hyundai initiative, we are constantly innovating and improving Hyundai brand experience for our customers. Hyundai has a strong focus towards digital marketing to engage the youth across all digital platforms and #Wowsome campaign “Comebackpedia” is a step ahead in the direction.”

Hyundai on social media

This campaign stands out on the digital forum for a couple of reasons where first, this brand acknowledges the pre-roll part of the campaign, it also takes comedians on board considering their current influence among the youth and even though these are introductory films for a larger crowd funded campaign they manage to start it on a grand level.

Candid, trendy, laid-back and snackable content of these two films automatically managed to garner attention with the involvement of popular faces in the comedy world and the repetitive, yet bright visuals.

The first video of this #Wowsome campaign received 673,012 views, 38k reactions while the second one garnered 2.7k views and 337 reactions.

Though, being a car brand and introducing their new product, nowhere does this campaign mention about the car or boasts of its properties but in fact creates an individual property of #comebackpedia.

In comparison to its automotive competitors on the digital platforms who revolve their content around the brand’s product or by getting a grand celebrity on board; automotive brands have not yet got to the rim of creative content.

Yet, the second leg of the campaign will be the decision-maker, that if the campaign was really #Wowsome or not.

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