[Infographic] A blogger’s guide to Pinterest

Blogger Pinterest

Pinterest, as a social media platform can easily be termed as a niche, an acquired taste. It does not boast of nearly half a billion users, or being all the rage among teenagers today. Yet, Pinterest is a platform that thrives on the loyalty of its users.

Interestingly, on Pinterest more than 92% of users are women, and the first step to forming a social media strategy is to know your audience. On Pinterest, more than 54% users follow through to visit blogs and websites by clicking on links, not all that niche, right? Pinterest is a goldmine for bloggers and if your blog isn’t leveraging the platform yet? It should!

Check out this handy Infographic that will help you understand the Pinterest demographic to tailor your strategy to perfection for effective targeting and the benefits that follow.

This Infographic was published here.