Instagram Albums – A new game changer on the way!

Instagram Albums - A new game changer on the way!

If you are one of those people who spend hours of time trying to figure out the one best picture that is worthy of Instagram, look no further. The answer may soon be delivered to you, in the form of Albums.

Yes, Albums are soon coming to Instagram users all over the world to let you paint a much comprehensive picture of a party, or a mini vacation that you wish to share with your followers.

But not just yet. Instagram is testing the said feature with a few Android users, spotted by Droid Life and The Verge soon followed suit to confirm it.


If and when Albums see the light of day, Instagram users will be able to post up to 10 pictures simultaneously, with unique filters of their own, but we assume the caption would be limited to one per album since it requires users to swipe across posts in their feed.

Advertisers have had access to this sort of a feature since March 2015, enabling them to create carousel like posts to advertise their products.

Philip Chang posted screenshots on Twitter.

There isn’t a word from Instagram yet, but it could be safe to assume that this update could resonate with Instagram’s 600 million strong user base.