New age celebs who shot to fame on social media

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We binge watch Permanent Roommates on YouTube, are left in splits by AIB creatives and videos on Facebook, hit Retweet at all the funny ramblings of Rohan Joshi and Biswa Kalyan - our modern age celebs are on social media and we love it!

We no longer have to go home and turn on the television, or wait until a Friday, and follow it up with a queue for movie tickets. Entertainment is delivered right onto our screens, and so are the ones we love.

Let us take a look at some of these new age celebrities, who stood out with the help of social media to become the names that we all know today!

1. Sumeet Vyas

Two words! Permanent Roommates. Imagine the ‘Mikesh’ smile when you think of Sumeet Vyas, and if you haven’t watched Permanent Roommates’ you really should. Right now.

2. Mithila Palkar

Delightful. Bubbly. Talented. Beautiful. Mithila Palkar is all over social media today. Once just a regular Mumbai girl, social media helped her showcase her talent, since then she hasn’t and we hope never looks back.

3. Nidhi Bisht

You may remember her as Nidhi Singh’s roommate from Permanent Roommates, but there is much more to Nidhi Bisht than meets the eye. Making her own way into an industry fascinated with superficial beauty standards, she does her own. A vital member of The Viral Fever’s team, Bisht is a casting director and an actor who is starting to receive her due in the industry.

Starring with Anushka Sharma in the upcoming Phillauri’ and having her own web series ‘Bisht Please’, we wish her all the luck in the world to go further and higher.

4. Biswapati Sarkar


Okay jokes apart! Biswapati Sarkar is a man of many talents, and is probably best known for his parody show, Barely Speaking, and has featured Shah Rukh Khan, Sunny Leone and many more. He is also a writer and director, and the man behind TVF’s Pitchers.

5. Maanvi Gagroo

Maanvi’s second coming as a web series star, of Pitchers and Tripling fame has made her a ‘smartphone’ name (like household, get it?).

6. Biswa Kalyan Rath

This is his Twitter bio. “Hypocrite insaan. Capitalism ke excuse pe kucch bhi karta hai.”

7. Nidhi Singh

The other half of Permanent Roommates lead pair, Nidhi Singh may have been confused and at times clueless as Tanya, but the supremely talented actress is going places with her career for sure.

8. Amol Parashar

Tripling star, Amol Parashar is another social media celebrity that we cannot seem to get enough of. His social media game is growing steadily and we wish him luck.

9. Vipul Goyal

A standup comedian by day, an actor by night! Not really but Vipul Goyal is one of the many talented artists who are buzzing on the booming web series scene in India. He is the founder of the comedy club, ‘Humorously Yours’ and is also a part of TVF’s illustrious cast who are bringing laughter to screens across the country.

10. Kanan Gill

We don’t understand why they don’t make these videos anymore, but you can always re-watch the old ones like we do. With his partner in pretentiousness, Kanan Gill made his way into the web comedy scene and not to mention is also a heartthrob among the women of the internet.

11. Chhavi Mittal

Actor, Singer and Model, Chhavi Mittal started her journey on the path of social media fame with her husband, Mohit Hussein and their venture, Shitty Ideas Trending. The popular video channel on YouTube churns out humourous content, with thousands of subscribers and has brought recognition for Chhavi Mittal using the power of social media.

12. Tanmay Bhatt

..because, obviously. Just look at the pinned tweet on his Twitter profile!

13. Sorabh Pant

Founder of the standup comedy group, East India Comedy, Sorabh Pant struts confidently and humorously on social media.

14. Rohan Joshi

Mojo Rojo is a Twitter hurricane, and once you hit follow, there is no escaping his tweets, or the chuckle he will have you exhibiting. He is also somehow participating in Bigg Boss 10 from outside the house.

15. Ashish Shakya

A mainstay in the humour mill for years now, Ashish Shakya makes jokes wherever he is. At heart of All India Backhod’s nucleus, he tickles ribs for a living and we love it!

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