Rentomojo’s #PriyaWedsSofa stirs Twitter

Rentomojo Twitter

With a satirical take on getting stuck with furniture for years, #PriyaWedsSofa promotes Rentomojo’s furniture renting services, for a commitment and guilt free home makeover, the smart choice.

Till death do us part! That’s completely all right when you’re saying that to your spouse, but to a piece of furniture? Furniture monogamy is boring in these times, so why marry furniture, when you can have one night stand, and a sofa and that chic new coffee table, asks Rentomojo!

Targeting the younger generation with a message to keep their options open and not say forever to furniture, #PriyaWedsSofa was a thought provoking revelation for millennials, urging them not to be the Priya who gets stuck with a piece of furniture for life. This quirky spin was a hit on social media, as it delivered more than 8 million impressions on Twitter in under 6 hours.

It all began with Priya ‘purchasing’ a sofa, making a commitment forever!

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