Sanjay Menon takes on as Managing Director of Sapient India

Social Samosa
Feb 28, 2017 07:43 IST
Sapient India
In this role, Sanjay will drive the strategy, capability development, and growth of Sapient’s India presence and maintain its status as hub of the company’s globally distributed delivery network.

Sanjay Menon will continue his responsibility of leading Delivery out of India as Global Head of Service Lines for SapientRazorfish, takes on this new role from Rajdeep Endow.

Rajdeep has taken on the role of Managing Director, SapientRazorfish, Asia Pacific and is responsible for leading strategy and growth for the region and helping clients reimagine their business through radical customer-centricity.

A 16-year veteran, Sanjay has been instrumental in growing Sapient’s India operations since its inception. He has successfully served in various business and delivery roles including running key account P&Ls, managing global delivery for some of the business units as well as growing digital marketing services capability from India.

“I am excited to see Sanjay take on the role of Managing Director for Sapient India. He has been a key part of the India leadership team, and has played an instrumental role in promoting our culture and building capabilities. As India continues to remain a strategic talent market for Publicis.Sapient, I am confident Sanjay will help us strengthen our brand that has always attracted the best engineering minds. I’d also like to recognize the contributions of Rajdeep in growing the India business both in terms of size and impact,” said Chip Register, Co-Chief Executive Officer at Publicis.Sapient.

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