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Who are we?

We are IceCube Media a multimedia and designing agency in Hyderabad and Raipur. We are a bunch of young and creative nerds filled with new ideas imagination and innovation.

We started our business in August 2015 under the leadership of Atul Pradhan at Raipur and in the last one year, we have got good response and have worked with many startups and companies. Since Raipur is small city, we got only smaller projects and to grow and to get a better working environment and opportunities, we also opened our branch at Hyderabad. But in our work timeline we have got amazing experience. We not only delivered some great work, but also we learned new things which helped us to provide a better service.

What's in the name?

IceCube Media! Does it sound cool? Yes, of course, that is why we have chosen this name; we didn’t brainstorm much while choosing name it just came randomly. Actually it shows our working environment and creating and delivering products in cool, efficient way and it perfectly matches with our idea and creativity.

What we do?

We provide one stop complete multimedia solutions, which helps our clients to sit and relax after handing over the projects to us.

We provide service like:

  • Branding
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Handling
  • Web Designing
  • Advertising
  • Media Planning
  • Cinema Advertising
  • Outdoor Advertising
  • Ad Video Production
  • Animated videos ( Explainer, Promotional, Training, Commercials)
  • Editing
  • Visual Effects

Why we do it?

Since, nowadays a client has to run to different agencies for their digital and creative needs, thus increasing the expenditure as well as time. And the idea behind starting IceCube Media was to provide a one-stop, hassle free solution on time. Well, the journey was challenging but we have accepted all and our clients are satisfied and happy with our work.

How we evolve?

After our launch it took 3 months to get our first project. Till then, we were working on our own marketing strategy and designing and planning our own campaign. But soon after our first project, we got noticed by people and we started getting leads. Initially frequency was low but within six month we reached a good market position and established ourselves. We have done 13 different projects in last one year.

Social responsibility in social media

Since social media is so transparent that you cannot hide anything. We have always tried to connect our client with their target audience in best way possible. With our creative and innovative approach and taking utmost effort by caring about people’s sentiment, we have successfully done our campaigns. And we plan deeply before starting our campaign, because we don’t want any trouble for client, audience and our self.  Extra caution should be taken before posting anything on social media.

Need of the hour

We know that the laws that are expected for social networking will be for the welfare and security of the users and thus we shall ensure that none of our information of our clients and their projects would be lost or stolen while transporting the work on the cloud. Our next goal is strong and stringent digital security interface.

We learned the hard way

Entrepreneurship is an adventurous journey where you face many obstacles, different level of work and timeline, you take challenges, you learn, you explore and strengthen yourself. If you believe the way you have chosen is right, just go for it, and never give up on you dreams. And always deliver the best service or product because client is the best marketing tool which will lead you to success.

They work with us

We have mostly worked with start-ups like Kakke Di Toil, Go, govtjobfix .com, Indian Healthcare, Focus IAS, News magi, and some well established companies like PVR (Ad partner), INOX (Ad Partner), BlueShield RO, Mug the Café, Crystalline Appliances, and BookMyShow (at Local level in Hyderabad for events).

Industry as we foresee

Social Media is expected to be the biggest marketing tool in the coming years. We will see many simple low budget but highly effective campaigns. Since now start-ups have gone viral in India and social media is biggest marketing tool for them and it will continue, social media platform will discover newer ways of monetizing the contents and people will get cost effective mediums for their marketing. No need to say the audience count will also grow and with the introduction of 4g and higher net-speed social media is going to rule by leaving behind other media platforms.

A day without Internet

Like a day without meal

Lastly, are you hiring?

Currently we are not hiring but soon we may need.

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