Steal The Ignis – Breaking barriers in Auto Marketing


What happens when a new car is launched? The brand initiates an engagement activity and viola – engagement, impressions, views! But, recall? Quality conversations and audience loyalty? In a sea of contests, just Q & A with gratifications isn’t enough.

NEXA seems to have cracked this code with their  Steal The Ignis, an engagement activity. The brand initiated an engagement activity where participants has to log on to Twitter and follow NEXA. They were then given a 11-digit code, which participants had to rearrange.

The first person to crack the code, literally, was lauded on their timeline, with the brand’s digital team getting in touch with the winner.

Going a step ahead, the brand responded to each and every user who participated with an interactive GIF. The GIF reinforced how the Maruti Suzuki NEXA Ignis is difficult to steal, making the process fun and addictive.  The brand leveraged the activity to build a sense of trust by even tweeting an automated GIF to the participants that tweeted the incorrect code.

Further, as gratification the winner will be awarded a Maruti Suzuki NEXA Ignis. The brand managed to create a bond, showing that they care for the consumer by gifting them the car!

Steal The Ignis conveys the ‘None of a kind’ experiences that the car is designed to offer.

Steal The Ignis garnered over one Billion impressions on Twitter for the hashtag #ignis. The keyword “None of a Kind” trended on Twitter within 20 minutes of the activation of the campaign followed by the #IGNIS. 5,000 plus unique users participated for ‘Steal the Ignis’ activity on Twitter making it a commendable initiative.

The campaign managed to check all the boxes unleashing not only creativity but engagement!


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