The Dyslexic Captcha

Aishwaria Sonavane
Feb 03, 2017 12:27 IST
New Update
“It is more common than you can imagine. You are not alone,” here Stephen Spielberg shared his thoughts on dyslexia, an identified learning disability. Drawing attention towards this, Jaslok Hospitals launched a drive to create awareness among parents and teachers.

The Dyslexic Captcha

Designed by Dentsu Webchutney, Jaslok leveraged social media to fit in the concept of dyslexia among the care takers of children to first accept this as a learning disorder, acknowledge and identify, then eventually assist these children to cope up.

As Arvinder Kaur of GGS School, New Delhi shared how timely check-up can aid a dyslexic child to lead a very healthy lifestyle, where today unfortunately it is identified as laziness or the child is blamed to have a low IQ.

As the brand identified, low awareness among guardians eventually leading to lower detection thus to curb this phenomenon Jaslok decided to bring a solution to this problem by using the power of internet with the Dyslexic Captcha.

Out of the million captcha’s served each day, the brand replaced all these with the real samples of dyslexic children’s handwriting and handed it out on sites most visited by their target audience.

The result?   

As they expected most of them could not crack these hand-writings and 95% went for the refresh button and that’s when the brand informed their viewers about dyslexia.

According to the film, the dyslexic captha reached a million, there was a hike in the engagement rate by 64% and the search interest for dyslexia grew by 17%.

Motivated to decode dyslexia and identify it as a disorder which can be easily cured; the brand took an extremely creative initiative. The video is more inclined towards providing information and creating awareness rather than the aesthetic aspect of it, it’s a smart move by the brand to run a campaign of such inventory nature.

Though the campaign is well structured, it needs to be marketed well to reach a larger audience via social media. Currently it only possesses 1,545 views on YouTube.

Overall, in the genre of healthcare, Jaslok has given birth to a commendable initiative which a social media needs push to reach out to a larger audience.

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