Twitter records over 700K Tweets with #Budget2017

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Feb 02, 2017 10:22 IST
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Twitter records over 700K Tweets with #Budget2017
Twitter is the live connection to news and culture and this reflected during the recently concluded #Budget2017 when people flocked to the platform for live breaking news and to know what’s happening. Conversations on Twitter on the Union Budget 2017 echoed the nation’s mood and its temperament towards an event of national significance.

From common man to well-known personalities, everyone took to Twitter to express their opinions regarding the Budget. The platform recorded 720,000 Budget-related Tweets between January 30 - February 2, 2017.


The conversations on the platform peaked at 12:01 PM with 1.5K Tweets per minute.

Here’s a snapshot of what people were saying about #Budget2017:

Prime Minister Narendra Modi

East India Comedy founder - Sorabh Pant

Together with the Finance Ministry (@FinMinIndia), Ministry of Information and Broadcasting (@MIB_India), CNBC-TV18 (@CNBCTV18News), SBI (@TheOfficialSBI), as well as Bloomberg-Quint (@BloombergQuint), Twitter provided live updates from #Budget2017, showcasing the presentation of the Union Budget and initiated conversation amongst policy makers, influencers, journalists, opinion-makers, and the public in general.


Bloomberg Quint

This year, Finance Minister @ArunJaitley did two Q&As on Twitter, taking questions with the hashtags #MyQuestionToFM and #AskYourFM after the Budget itself, expanding the #Budget2017 discussion with the public and gathering feedback in real-time. @FinMinIndia also posted exclusive behind the scenes peek into the highly secretive process of the making of the #Budget2017 with an autographed picture of the Finance Minister @ArunJaitley via Twitter’s Challenger app as well as a video Teaser to the Q&A session.

Finance Minister Arun Jaitley from the Ministry of Finance's Twitter handle

Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

Praneeth Reddy

Prabhakar Munish

Ministry of Information and Broadcasting

In a first of its kind Twitter collaboration, CNBC-TV18 and SBI joined forces for the first-ever Amplify partnership in the news category for India, providing video highlights of #Budget2017 on the platform. The highly informative content approach featured #Budget2017 videos from CNBC-TV18 and pre-roll ads from SBI.


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