YouTube makes it easier to fast forward and rewind videos

YouTube Forward Rewind

There may not be a way to skip those persistent YouTube ads that do not go away, but there is finally a way to skip the parts of a video you do not wish to see!

Yes, Google does happen to listen to your prayers from time to time, and the long overdue ‘Seek’ functionality has been made available to us. Well, a few of us for now, but you can expect the feature to rolled out to the masses soon.

Sadly there are no ways to fast forward an article so let us get right to it, shall we?

If you miss a part of your video and wish to go back, and wish to rewind, there is a simpler way of doing things instead of randomly tapping on the seek bar, hoping to stumble upon the part you missed.

Now, you can double tap on the left side of the screen to rewind the video by 10 seconds. A definite 10 seconds so you don’t have to indulge in a gamble on the seek bar and waste any time.

And, if you find a part of the video particularly tedious to watch, you can double tap on the right side of the screen to fast forward the video by, no prizes for guessing, 10 seconds!


What happens if you are watching a 10 second video, and double tap on the left or right? We don’t know. Do let us know if you do end up trying that amazing stunt though.

Jokes apart.

Google is sticking to their calculative and cautious approach as they usually do, by rolling the feature out in phases, and many users now confirm availability of the new feature.

You can try updating your YouTube app, and there is word that the functionality is only available when viewing videos in the full screen mode. It will be available for both iOS and Android devices.