Zivame's #FitForAll a desi version of Curvy Kate's #TheNewSexy?

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They say pretty lingerie makes it all better and that with a faultless fit instantly uplifts your graceful femininity thus your spirits. Perking up the social space with this thought, Zivame finds #FitForAll - a fit for all shapes and occasions.


Enticing the digital society with a fresh perspective and nurturing the concept of diversity in women and their choices, Zivame unhooks a contemporary film.

Through a sassy, lighthearted video, the content attempts to enhance the acceptance of women wearing pretty lingerie and being comfortable in their own skin and size. Conceptualized by Lowe Lintas, #FitForAll boldly reveals curves and skins, showing off their variety of bras for everything from a first date to the big day or a bra for an athlete or for doing nothing.

Talking about the key highlights, Sirisha Tadepalli, Marketing Director, Zivame shared, “To bring this concept alive, we’ve chosen a cast that’s diverse, in terms of body type and life-stages. From Mandovi Menon, who is the co-founder and editor of Homegrown; Nikita Sahay - Ex-defence personnel and model; Karishma Chavan - Bollywood choreographer and YouTube star to Paloma Monnappa – trained surfer and actor, all the women are achievers in their own space. This film is our endeavour to ensure that every woman finds her perfect fit, and doesn’t have to ‘fit into’ anything, be it lingerie or life.”

Consciously challenging the stigma attached with lingerie in this country, Zivame cuts the commercial drama of selecting socially-accepted “perfect” models for a lingerie brand. As we dissect, the crux of this campaign pushed the idea that when females come in all sizes, so should their lingerie, as shared by Tadepalli.

Having received 334,334 views till date, Zivame managed to pose itself as the leading lingerie brand at least on social media. The campaign #FitForAll was also found trending on Twitter last week.

Competitors in the country

Here, in India with competitors like Pretty Secrets and Amante having a decent social media presence with 90,252 and 177,508 likes respectively, have not yet managed to reach the content strategy level of Zivame who prior of #FitForAll had embraced social media with #SalesmanWaliBra.


Clovia, currently with 246,600 likes on Facebook, back in 2015 created a campaign that sardonically approached towards the hushed scenario of innerwear in India. A fresh entrant back then, their digital campaign featured copywriter turned comedian Neeti Palta, where this relatable campaign infused comedy with social commentary to resonate with their target audience.

Though, the campaign entertained and banked on the notion of relatability for the audience, the brand failed to maintain its social presence with more campaigns.

Global Perspective

Internationally too, certain campaigns have managed to leave a mark and inspire industry across the globe.

One such campaign by Curvy Kate titled #TheNewSexy featured diversity in the most striking manner by gathering women of different shapes, sizes, skin hues and backgrounds within the same screen to launch their new collection- Scantilly.

Drawing a very close connection between #FitForAll and #TheNewSexy, this international campaign carried out on a much larger scale with a wider miscellany. Redefining the idea of beauty by making a bold statement, this campaign featured Theresa Hansson a plus-size model who suffered from Alopecia Areata, a hair-loss condition causing her to go bald, Megan Jayne Crabbe a former anorexic model, Taylor Crisp diagnosed with FFU syndrome that affects the development of joints at birth and more such women from diverse backgrounds.

Cacique by Lane Bryant collection too shared a similar thought with #ImNoAngel celebrated the larger sizes by challenging social norms and even took a direct dig at giant lingerie Victoria Secrets who somewhere is responsible to set specific beauty notions.

Overall, looking at the larger picture, international brands are breaking body stereotypes attached with women flaunting their lingerie and redefining the term, sexy. Adopting this international trend and keeping it real, topical and relatable for their Indian audience, Zivame’s content strategy seems to have gotten a hang of it and is boldly involved in transforming the narrow perspective of people in this society with no competitor in sight.

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