8 anti sexual harassment campaigns that will make you introspect

anti sexual harassment campaigns

They hold the length of your dress responsible for it, or that wine swinging in your hands or even the clock ticking past midnight, but, the demonic patriarchy is the true culprit. Struggling to put this thought in minds of people and shaping their mentality for the better, social media has time and again witnessed powerful anti sexual harassment campaigns fiercely addressing the issue of sexual assault. Considering the current scenario, Social Samosa curates a list of such anti sexual harassment campaigns for some inspiration.

AIB- It’s Your Fault

Kalki Koechlin was featured in a film that took a sardonic take on the stereotypical social mindset of victim-blaming for any act of sexual harassment. Through the content of this film, AIB attempts to evoke a sense of shame and awareness.

Mannequin Challenge

Remember the time mannequin challenge was an internet fad? A digital marketing agency in Bangalore, Autumn Worldwide, created a powerful blend of this challenge and the topical news of the Bangalore mass molestation case on New Years Eve.

Ghadi Detergent

On the occasion of Holi Ghadi Detergent chose to address the sexual harassment issue women face in this country under the mask of festivity fun. The campaign was appreciated and received 3.6M views and 199k reactions on Facebook.

Dekh Le

Dealing with the issue of sexual harassment in India, Dekh Le was produced by students of Whistling Woods International Institute of Film, Fashion and Media released on December 16, 2013 as a remembrance for the 2012 Delhi gang rape. It also managed to garner a million hits in its first week on YouTube.

#BriefMessage Campaign

To honor the International Women’s Day a campaign #BriefMessage was published where women on social platforms were encouraged to write an empowering message against women assault.

Going Home- A film by Vikal Bahl featuring Alia Bhat

Creating an audio-visual utopia for women, Vikas Bahl released an engaging film by placing Alia Bhat as the protagonist that takes on the current distrust and dread settled in the minds of people. This film created an ideal situation where women live in the world where they don’t have to worry about traveling during the wee hours of the night, dressing up by choice or even getting in a car full of men.

Messages on Sanitary pad

Elone, a young woman from Germany wrote feminist messages on sanitary pads and posted them around the city to prove her point. “Imagine if men were as disgusted with rape as they are with periods,” read one of the messages.


Writer and political analyst Zerlina Maxwell gave birth to the popular hashtag, #rapecultureiswhen on March 25, 2014, in order to draw attention to the ways in which society blames victims of assault and rape.

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