BankBazaar's #MahaMarch urges users to make the most of the sale

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BankBazaar's #MahaMarch

BankBazaar's #MahaMarch tries to popularize the financial sale amongst social media folk.

BankBazaar launched the third edition of its annual #MahaMarch campaign – an initiative to market the largest-ever month-long sale of financial products in India. The campaign is narrated through a video featuring a husband who is a homemaker, buttering up his wife to get a credit card for him.

The campaign further banked on Holi and expressed what colours mean in India and in our lives, further driving users to make the most out of the #MahaMarchBonanza.

The campaign had limited social media presence, with a contrasting presence on television. To see a detailed breakdown of the campaign in our reviews section, write to us on

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