#BreakupChallenge falls flat in articulating an innovative idea

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The saying ‘money can’t buy happiness’ has been said enough, but we all know it can buy us food, cool gadgets, clothes and coupé that we love exactly for a week or probably a day more but then end up hoarding them in some corner of the house. And it’s time to talk about this unnecessary affection with objects, as OLX now extends this conversation by asking us to let go of this and take up the #BreakUpChallenge.

It’s time to break up

OLX created content that commenced with curiosity at first as the campaign released on Twitter was not open to viewing for all. Confused? The brand used a slightly different approach to their content where first people had to share a standard tweet by the brand using #BreakUpChallenge to unlock the video.

Building this inquisitiveness in the campaign drew attraction as people began tweeting to see this locked film, built on an automated system which allowed people to tweet and unlock.

Next, once you unlock the film the expectation of viewers soared high, wherein this 30 seconds film spoke about the over attachment we share with our few gadgets but never even look at it again. The film showed friends of two different individuals convincing them to finally break up with the camera and play station which they haven’t even touched in six months.

Dealing this like an actual break-up, OLX created a campaign inviting people to take #BreakUpChallenge, hoping to create some buzz on Twitter.

Social Media affair  

The brand promoted their campaign on Twitter and did receive some traction because of their unique method of presenting the film.

They received over 2.3k likes, 182 re-tweets and 33 replies within 15 hours of its release. Most the tweets were of a standard template that the brand compelled people to share to view the content, making it monotonous to read.

Talking of the content, with the interesting opening of the campaign, the brand failed to hold on to the same enthusiasm through their film. With mediocre content, the film could barely emote any feeling strongly. Missing on any emotions, comedy, relatability or even topicality, OLX fell short in holding its brand image or identity.

OLX Campaign recaps

The brand that positioned their tagline ‘Bech De’ took it up a notch after releasing the tagline in various regional languages, back in November even when Social Samosa got in a conversation with Gaurav Mehta, CMO, OLX India shared, “Our tagline ‘Bech De’ is consistent and a part of our every campaign. In fact, the popularity of ‘Bech De’ has made it a part our cultural lingo. Such is the strength that in regional language TVCs ‘Bech De’ is used in the local language (Vitta Dunga in Tamil, Ameyandi in Telugu, and Maari Bidi in Kannada).”

After their tagline, the brand released a film titled Mundi Dance wherein having a comical quotient the brand targeted the millennials, where the video has a rap between father and son when the son demands for extra money to buy a sports bike and his father turns down, his sister suggests him to sell off unused things to get the extra money needed. Quirky with the rap and engaging as the characters bob their head while lip-synching, the video garnered 1.8 milliion views on Facebook and on YouTube more than 700,000 views.

One campaign having a comical approach, OLX shared campaign #LetWhatYouLoveLive wherein they spoke about product attachment in a rather sentimental and relatable manner. Driving the campaign ‘Keemat Bhi, Kuch Keemti Bhi’, two stories were portrayed under this banner wherein first was about friendship between two middle-aged people while the second about a cricket bat. Both these stories spoke about the attachment both buyer and seller hold for the product.



Scrutinizing the content graph of this brand, through this campaign the brand did not manage to match the level of its excellence achieved below. Before comparing OLX with its competitors, it fails to create the same impact through its content marketing through this campaign as far as their history is concerned.

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