8 hard-hitting Breast Cancer Awareness campaigns

breast cancer awareness campaigns

Spreading breast cancer awareness is much more than pinning a pink ribbon to your top, it’s about actually addressing it with utmost sincerity. Some brands over the period have succeeded in doing so, let’s have a look at those who are dauntingly creating awareness around Breast Cancer.

Don’t get scared- Get checked

Straight to the point, this campaign normalizes breasts and promotes self-examination for early detection through this spectacular campaign.

The Naked Truth

New Zealand’s Breast Cancer Foundation created their own version of the Elaine C Smith’s ad, by creating a film that adheres to the television rules of not showing nipples before 8.30 pm by finding a wise workaround making a strong point.

Body Image After Breast Cancer

UK based organization Breast Cancer Care’s prime motto was to be a support system for women affected by it, which includes aiding them through self-esteem, body image issues that take birth from mastectomies.

Samosa Talks
Pink Ribbon Highway

Icelandic creative agency teamed with with Icelandic Cancer Society to turn a highway ramp in Reykjavik into the pink ribbon to acknowledge awareness around breast cancer


Celebrating diversity of boobs, tiny or saggy this campaign looked at them beyond size where seven bare-chested ladies became a part of this hard-hitting campaign.


This campaign looks at engaging women in conversations around their health and heartens them to be proactive about their breast health by getting annual mammogram.

Keep a Breast

The organization, Keep a Breast hears interesting personal messages about the meaning of their ‘I love boobies!’ bracelets everyday which were created to show solidarity for breast cancer awareness. For others to hear about these inspiring messages, they created  #ThisIsMYPinkRibbon campaign to allow everyone to share with the world why they wear an ‘I Love Boobies!’ braceles.

Harvard University

The university, to commemorate the Breast Cancer Awareness week, they created a video to extend the fight against this deadly disease.

Social media is a boon that enables us to channel communications that benefit the society, organizations and brands, putting this medium to good use by creatively creating content around Breast Cancer awareness which is a global health issue.