How Cadbury Interstellar Party gained momentum on social media..

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Cadbury Interstellar Party
Directing their campaign in the viral direction, Cadbury Interstellar Party brought in some eccentric dance moves.
Social media empowers people to connect, share and then eventually some things turn “viral”. The term that has managed to seduce brands, virality is something everyone craves for but few manage to achieve it.

Campaign overview

Some trends take a while to catch on but once they do, the internet seems to not have enough of it. Back in October 2016 Cadbury Dairy Milk introduced an animated alien series to promote their product with #InterstellarParty where the alien was thoroughly enticed by the chocolate.

To showcase his excitement the alien does a step which the brand termed it as the #InterstellarParty. The first video received 8.2M views, 835k views and over 46k shares.

Extending the campaign for Christmas and then for New Years, the brand utilized the same animated characters to create two GIFs resonating the festivities.

The brand established an extension for this campaign titled #CadburyInterstellarMove, where they looped in fans to share their moves on WhatsApp to be a part of their music video.

The brand maintained the animated alien during their Valentine’s Day marketing strategy too. Though this campaign was initiated back in October, it is only now that it caught momentum as the dance challenge slowly but eventually caught the attention of netizens as they began sharing their videos of doing the moves. Influencers too became a part of this as dancers like Raghav Juyal danced on the tunes of #InterstellarParty, later nominated Shakti Mohan to do the same thus giving rise to this trend.

Dance move challenges

Wondrous or peculiar, the internet is one place which has the history to embrace the most idiosyncratic challenges, leaving everyone going crazy over it.

With the history of challenges that have had their good days on the internet, let’s take a recap on some of those dance move challenges which instigated people to get up, groove and share.

If dance challenges are a topic of discussion, the Harlem shake is something which definitely tops the list. Replicated by many people and using the same concept of a spastic or floundering dance style it became famous back in 2013.

While, the Harlem shake became globally acclaimed, it was not initiated by an organization or brand for promotional purposes. But, recently with movie marketing


Bollywood movie marketing took a similar approach where two movies took the similar route to promote their films on social media. Prem Ratan Dhan Payo and Flying Jatt’s ‘Beat Pe Booty’ were the two movies where the signature step became viral.

Beat pe booty with @pankhiarya #beatpebootychallenge #dancecover #bollywood

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Not too long ago during the World Cup cricketer Dwayne Bravo turned into a DJ and his song Champion became the anthem of victory for the cricketing world if we may say so. Quick, the iconic dance step became viral where cricketers, actors and people shared their videos dancing to the tunes of DJ Bravo and broke the internet.

Attaching a peculiar dance move and character to their brand, it included their fans and through this crowd sourced campaign Cadbury managed to create history on soctal media too.

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