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Durex Jeans
Claiming to master the art of amalgamating sex and satire, entangling it with some kinky content that oozes with sexual innuendos, Durex raised the bar, by driving conversations from condoms to jeans, added with the eccentricity and flamboyance of Ranveer Singh. Let's see what #DurexJeans is all about.
#DurexJeans Overview

Durex recently triggered buzz in the social media town with #DurexJeans, leaving people curious about the thought of the brand introducing a denim collection.

This thought was consciously imbibed through a teaser starring Ranveer Singh announcing #DurexJeans and that he will be the first one to try it out.  Sharing the same news through his personal account too, Durex kept everyone wondering until when the brand released #DurexJeans film, finally breaking the suspense.

Coaxing their content with sex-talk and being as sexually suggestive as they could, Singh is testing every nook and corner of his house with blatantly indicative postures, hoping to find the best place for mating.

But, for those who thought Durex was actually coming up with a range of denims was shaken off through this film where the brand launched a new product with a packet that fits in well within your skimpy denim pocket. And similar to a pair of jeans, this pack comes with a pair of condoms, different from the usual boxes with sensuous photos on the box but with a pair of jeans on it to avoid the embarrassment people usually face. One packet is priced at Rs. 25, if you were wondering.

Attempting to evoke an emotion of fervor through this film, Durex teams up with the actor who himself unapologetically personifies dynamism and naughtiness. But when it comes to content, Durex has delivered some swanky quality in comparison to #DurexJeans.

Durex and Social media

Through this campaign, Durex wanted to be the wagon of change by normalizing the taboo of buying condoms and carrying them around in the pocket of your jeans. Through this film, the film showcases the woman carrying condoms, which yet again is not a very widespread practice.

Striving towards progression with the film, Durex somewhere couldn't keep up the tempo on their social media pages, especially when their social media game is up there.

Ranveer Singh in #DoTheRex too had taken social media by storm, when the heart-throb rapped for the film with blistering visuals and an absolutely flawless coupling of the entire concept. Either ways, the brand just wanted to shrug off the taboo of conversations around sex and by using comedy and bold visuals.

Ever since its release, #DurexJeans has managed to garner 2.4 million views, over 41k positive reactions and has been shared over 1k times. They even played multiple activities around the idea of #DurexJeans to keep their audience engaged before sharing the film.

It is safe to say, Durex is at a better position with its content strategies in comparison to competitors like Skore, Kamasutra,  and Manforce and with Ranveer Singh in their kitty, who had himself approached the brand to promote a healthy sex-life, Durex definitely has a hold on the audience and their attention.

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