So this is what Durex Jeans is!

With an outrageously elaborate campaign, Durex made the world stop and take notice when they announced the arrival of Durex Jeans.

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Durex Jeans

It all began with an outrageously elaborate gimmick, that did precisely what was expected of it - setting off the wagging of tongues when Durex announced that the brand would be launching their very own line of Jeans, yes Durex Jeans.

Now a condom manufacturer exploring opportunities for expansion by venturing into apparel, that’s unheard of.

Known for their quirky and humorous campaigns, Durex surprised one and all with this announcement, made in their very own trademark mischievous charm, laced with innuendo by Ranveer Singh, the Durex brand ambassador.

As anticipated, jokes and memes on social media followed suit.

Durex finally laid all the rumours, guessing and hype to rest when they unveiled that Durex Jeans was nothing but Durex’s new line of condoms, aimed at quashing the embarrassment involved with asking for a condom at the store, and with a pack designed to make it easier for consumers to carry with them at all times, for when the opportunity beckons.

If spreading the word was the first and foremost objective of the campaign, Durex Jeans may even have overachieved after all.

Stay tuned to read a detailed review of the campaign in our reviews section.

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