Facebook Live now available for all desktop users

Facebook Live Desktop is now available for Facebook Web users all over the world as the company is no longer ignoring Facebook Web users

Mohammad Kanchwala
Mar 23, 2017 11:42 IST
Facebook Live now available for all desktop users

Mobile is the next big thing, and Facebook realized that long ago, but the company is no longer ignoring Facebook’s desktop users. Facebook Live Desktop is now available for Facebook Web users all over the world.

Earlier, this functionality was rolled out by Facebook to Pages with the thought that celebrities, publications, and businesses could successfully use the Facebook Live Desktop feature in a controlled environment, with a much more stable camera setup to hold interviews, Q&A sessions, tutorials, and many more such Facebook Live interactions.

Facebook Web users will also see a ‘Go Live’ option on their Status Window.


Also, a new feature that makes it easy to use streaming software and external hardware when going Live from a Desktop or Laptop.

Users can also broadcast Live Videos to Groups, Events or Pages that they are part of, and add the extra bit of magic by inserting graphics, switching cameras and use professional equipment.

Facebook Live has surged ahead of its closest rival, Twitter’s Periscope, although it is now more of a competitor with YouTube, but cannot be termed as much more direct rivals due to the latter being a video based portal, and Facebook being much more social media inclined.


Periscope too, made some headway by rolling out an API yesterday but still lags behind Facebook Live which rolled out a Live API way before Twitter did.

Facebook is also encouraging gamers to stream PC Gameplay to their friends and followers, and offer tutorials and how-to guides, also offering a step-by-step guide to Facebook Live Desktop.

“We want to make Facebook Live as enjoyable and interactive as possible, and we hope these updates will make it easier for people to connect, hang out, and share with friends and public audiences.” Erin Connolly, Product Manager and Jeff Hendy, Software Engineer sign off on Facebook’s official blog post.

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