Facebook pages give a glimpse of how personified animals can make life better

Facebook pages gives a glimpse of how personified animals can make life better

Facebook adores the page of Humans of New York. Indulging in raw human tales and benevolently providing us insights into the lives of those walking past us every day. Drawing inspiration from this, pages have sprung up re-defining the power of subversion memes through animals and how.

Sculpting on the metropolitan chronicles of this page, geniuses on the social media giant have flourished animal pages tickling our funny bones through their content by personifying animals.

Goats of Bangladesh

Absolutely philosophical, touching upon humane issues and sometimes getting pretty intense but this page is all about the goats. The Goats of Bangladesh with 96,749 followers on its page is here to make your day!

Spex and the City

Having a miserable day? Dog bless you, because this Indian page Spex and the City is here to take the gloom away with personified profiles of aww-worthy dogs narrating their tales with words more than woof and to make it cuter, they’re all wearing specs.

Cows of Banaras

There’s more than moo a cow can do. Here, the cows walking on the streets have a story to tell. Grazing and sluggish on the streets of Banaras, this page is taking you up, close and personal to these cows.

Istanbul Cats

Some greeting you with a resting straight face and keeping dialogues to minimalism, these cats of Instanbul are keeping it casual and absolutely hilarious.

Pigeons of Boston

Touching upon spirituality, philosophy, social issues and so much more, these pigeons of Boston have strong opinions and a sharp perceptive towards ideas. Watch how a pigeon gets judicious about life.

Felines of New York

Cats seem to be the internet sensation. Exactly why there are a multiple embodied cat pages who speak to you like humans, share their stories by taking us through their life of four legs and fur.

Animals of New York

Imagine a world where animals could speak just like us. This page gives a glimpse of that world where animals speak and think like us or in my opinion, much better.

Lizard People

A freakishly humorous page run by comedian Kaplowitz parodies Humans of New York by presuming the people giving confessional narrations are reptilians

Images can be dreary, texts can get bland but put them together and tad a! A digital cultural trend is born. These pages give us a break from the monotony of content by making it humorous and awfully adorable with animals