HyperCollective is about collaboration over competition says Pops

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Mar 09, 2017 12:28 IST

"Even large companies don't have the agility and competence that brands need, how do you build every competence?" questions Pops.

Pacing with the mike, in his casual demeanour, Pops introduces the world to HyperCollective, his start-up agency, which has been functioning under stealth mode since November 2016. HyperCollective is lego like structure which 21 partners have come together to create.

Connecting Brands, Technology & Consumers.

Pops believes that HyperCollective's game-changing business model will enable clients to forge seamless connection between brand, technology, and consumers. It has built a collaborative ecosystem where it’s bringing together skills set required to deliver brand experiences and provide solutions to connect with today’s consumers.

Sharing his vision during the launch, Pops said, “The need of the hour is co-creation, collaboration with swiftness and agility. There is no single agency that excels in all four areas of content, communication, technology, and strategy. Through HyperCollective we have got on board some of the sharpest minds in these areas who have been pushing the envelope through their work. Our clients will have full access to all our collaborators at all times. As required, collaborators can be on-boarded in short span of time. Furthermore, we can add newer competencies in a blink of an eye. Collectively, we will orchestrate brand story seamlessly across platforms to cater to today’s always on world.”

Based in Mumbai, a strategic team at HyperCollective, helmed by Pops, will team up with its collaborators to offer services to brands, institutions, and government organisations. As of today, HyperCollective has 21 collaborators on board, additionally, it has support of brand gurus, independent marketing consultants, media buying agency, PR agency, and celebrated filmmakers.


Acting up on Nestle India’s vision, HyperCollective has helped set-up first of its kind Live Content Studio in Nestle’s office in Gurugram. Along with with its collaborators - PING Digital Broadcast Network and WindChimes Communications, and Nestle India’s brand team, HyperCollective has been churning out original branded content, social campaigns, as well as experiential content.

The selection of partners will depend on the brief given by the client and the services they need. The client will also determine whether they want one contract drawn in name of HyperCollective where they pay off their partners or they want individual contracts drawn for each partner included.

Pops plans to expand HyperCollective's operations to Delhi next, followed by Bangalore.

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