[Infographic] A comparative analysis of Stories on social media

Facebook Stories

All the social media apps are twinning, after Facebook rolled out its clone of Snapchat stories, right after Instagram, Messenger, and even WhatsApp.

The transient, rapid and absolutely personal feature of Snapchat stories seem to have lured all the apps now wherein all of them have become the same and we’re afraid they might have an identity crisis. While Instagram Stories has been giving Snapchat stiff competition, Facebook Stories and WhatsApp Status didn’t receive exactly the same reaction.

With all Stories offering  more or less the same utilities to the world, Social Samosa created an infographic to get an overview of all these apps, segregating their features for you to get a clearer comparison of them.


Facebook Stories

While bloggers are already flooding all the apps alike, brands too may jump the bandwagon soon. Which Stories are your favourite?