8 International gender equality campaigns for inspiration

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International gender equality campaigns
“Gender equality is a human fight, not a female fight!” when the world is screaming this, global brands have already made feminism their own. As this burning issue takes the center stage, we celebrate all those campaigns that have thrived through powerful content on social media.

UN Women in Dubai

A campaign by UN Women in Dubai, #AutoCompleteTruth uncovered some of the most appalling auto-complete phrases seen in Google while searching for terms related to women.

Everything from ‘women shouldn’t have rights’ to ‘women shouldn’t work’, the prevalent sexism was absolutely shocking. The campaign received involvement of women from across the globe.

Always #LikeAGirl

A social experiment was conducted to change the idea of the age old phrase #LikeAGirl, which is usually taken in a negative light. The idea was to convert this very term into something that represents - strength, talent, character, and positivity.

One of the most sought-over campaigns, that garnered global appreciation, the P&G feminine care brand included adolescent girls to put out this message.

BBC #100Women

To target and engage female audiences, BBC came up with a campaign that narrated stories of inspirational women around the globe. The content was disseminated and translated in eight languages to reach out on a globe audience.


A solidarity movement initiated by UN Women, the campaign #HeForShe engaged men to advocate the message of gender equality. Kick starting a global conversation, this campaign aimed at reaching out on a global level to spread the message of equality. Emma Watson became the face of this brand who is also the goodwill ambassador of UN Women.

Lane Bryant #ImNoAngel

Lane Bryant’s campaign celebrates women of all sizes and shapes, taking a direct jibe at Victoria's Secret. This campaign redefines traditional social norms with a powerful message that all women are sexy irrespective of their bodies.


I Will What I Want

Under Armour celebrated women through a campaign reinforcing faith and confidence in themselves and to feed in the fact that one does not need permission, advice or affirmation to do or be what they want.

Dove #SpeakBeautiful

Dove teamed up with Twitter to merge beauty with a social change where they aimed to alter the way we have conversations around beauty on social media - replacing negativity with positivity.

Nike Make Yourself

Nike’s campaign featuring female athletes - Allyson Felix, Li Na and Hope Soo showcases how hard work and perseverance can overcome any obstacles regardless of gender. These women share their own stories for fuming inspiration around the world.

Addressing the monstrous dominance of sexism in societies around the world, social media has clearly been the most significant channels of content dissemination.

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