#LoveYourCurves from #Zara backfires and how..

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#LoveYourCurves from #Zara backfires and how..
The thing about high end fashion brands is, they don’t really get us. Brands like Zara design clothes for slim bodies and fat wallets, whereas most of us function the other way around. No harm, no foul right? But then they go out and do this?

It was brought to the attention of Twitter users all over the world when someone clicked a picture of this #Zara advertisement encouraging women to love their curves, but there was a problem, the models in the picture were far from curvy.

Now, those women are pefrectly fine as they are, but when you are a brand of #Zara’s stature, and you choose to say #LoveYourCurves, you really should know what they are. Needless to say, it managed to anger a lot of Twitter users who took no time to criticize the advertisement, and some who saw the perfect opportunity for a few laughs (Thank God!)

Here are some of the most legit, logical and hilarious responses to #Zara #LoveYourCurves advertisement.

1. For some real curves, visit Nani or Dadi’s place!

2. ‘More meat on a butcher’s apron’ *thunderous claps*

3. *Translated*

4. Examples for hyperbole anyone? Haha

5. When you see the opportunity..

6. Oooohhhh that’s cold!

7. Yes! Someone said it.

8. Seek and ye shall find.

9. Ankles? Really?


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