Max Healthcare's Eager to Get You Home will leave you teary eyed

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Max Healthcare's Eager to Get You Home

Narrating a heart-wrenching tale of an elderly couple, Max Healthcare through their campaign ‘Eager to get you home’ talks about their services by giving the world a glimpse of their warm, light-hearted, nurturing and high-tech services provided to their customers.

Released earlier this year the campaign has managed to catch on social media.

Through their long film conceptualized by Denstu Impact, it portrays how an elderly couple has to tackle with a medical emergence, wherein the film shows how the husband gets his wife admitted, treated and discharged with absolute ease with the comfort provided by the brand.

Banking on emotions, this film addresses the right audience- the aged who are in need to competent health-care services along with some emotional support. The humor adds on to the flavor, enriching the experience of the film.

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