Rasna's new campaign takes a dig at human evolution

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Summer is here and so is Rasna, this time bringing in the theory of evolution.

Set up in a school scenario, the kids learnt how humans evolved over the period of five million years, signifying on the posture which portrays tiredness.


Taking the same theory in account, the film talks of how school kids these days are tired in the similar manner but Rasna will help them stand up in just five seconds.

Drawing a connect from what school kids learn in school, Rasna banked on that idea and produced a story targeting the same audience that are featured in the film, that is the school kids. The brand’s promise is highlighted with its tagline, ‘Energetic taste without time waste’.

Manish Bhatt, Founder Director, Scarecrow Communications, said, “When the brand proposition says Energetic taste without time waste, so should its communication be. So we decided to take a dig on Darwin’s Theory of Human Evolution and give it a quirky spin-off, that resonates with the young generation of today.”

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Agency : Scarecrow Communications Ltd.


Creative Team : Manish Bhatt, Raghu Bhat, Joybrato Dutta, Vaishakh Jhunjhunwala, Yatin Vaidya, Gaurav Vaswani, Prashant Patanakar, Tushar Chinchawalkar


Account Management Team : Mangesh Mulajkar, Prerana Suvarna, Sajesh Soman


Client: Rasna International (Piruz Khambatta, Binaisha Khambatta, Shobhan Dhruva)


Production House : Chrome Pictures

Director : Vijay Veermal

Producer(s) : Poonam Wahi, Napolean Daniel Amanna

Special thanks : Amit Sharma


Cast: Mushtaq Khan, Sivansh Kotia, Niyati Joshi, Saiyyam Bhasin


DOP : Tapan Basu

Art : Urvee Ashar & Shipra Rawal

Costumes : Hemal & Urmi

Production Controller : Sandeep Gupta

Product Specialist : Goldwyn Fonseca

Post Producer : Dutta Yewale

Music Director : Arjunna Harjaie

Singer : Anubhav Singh


Lyrics : Manish Bhatt

Sound Engineer : Chester Misquitta

VO : Manasi Scott

Editor : Meghna Manchanda Sen

Online Editor : Sunil Pathak

Colorist : Navin Shetty

Make Up : Shailesh Pawar

Hair : Sneha Sawant

Senior Accountant : Kalpesh Darji

Location : Ranveer Rajput (Sanskriti Arts)

Storyboard : Vikas Girkar & Amol Tupone


DA : Akshay Panchal

AD(s) : Abhishek Singh & Sahil Parashar

Trainee : Gopal Verma

Assistant Producer: Tanvi Shinde

Assistant Cinematographer: Rajesh Nare

Gaffer: Javed

Art Assistant(s) : Kalyani Shah, Rizwan Thakur, Satya Shekar & Sayalee Thakoor

Costume Assistant : Swati

Product Specialist Assistant : Austin Rodrigues

Post Supervisor : Sanjay Malvankar

Music Director’s Assistant : Samyuktha Narendran & Shayan Chakraborty

Sound Engineer Assistant(s) : Rishi Rawtani & Tommy Monteiro

Accountant : Vikas Tambe

Post Production Assistant : Abhishek Singh

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