15 extremely relatable Tumblr posts that are so accurate that they hurt

relatable Tumblr posts

Among all the posts on social media, there are some that just make you want to go all ‘Me! Me! Me!’ and hit share, and tag all your friends to show them how something describes exactly how you feel!

Yeah that is something we all go through, and finding something so delightful that it salvages you from going absolutely crazy after looking at pictures of cats, dogs, the guy with a million vacation photographs, a billion selfies and gazillion memes all day, everyday.

We found 15 such extremely relatable Tumblr threads from Facebook pages that would freak you out with their spot on accuracy, and brighten your day, just a little bit.

1. Don’t even lie about listening to Honey Singh!

2. Yeah Stephanie from Whatever Times, I don’t care about what you think!

3. Yo mama jokes are my weapon of choice.

4. This particular ability is strongest during the exams.

5. Google FTW!

6. Mini panic attacks in line at McDonalds! Rehearsing my order 20 times so that I don’t screw up.

7. Guilty .

8. Actually the good times of from sofa to bean bag to toilet seat to bed have ended :(

9. *flips hair back dramatically* just kidding, I’m a guy.

10. Team Hibernation!

11. *Hello darkness my old friend*

12. Every. Single. Time.

13. Oh no! It’s not that baaaadddd……………….. NO. Stop it.

14. I can vouch for these. I have three of those sneaky asterisk! 

15. *uncomfortable smile* When are you guys leaving though?

Life is so easy when you know there are creeps like you out there too!