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Reliance Home Insurance

Reliance Home Insurance, through their indicative campaign suggested how mankind is succumbed to closed doors and walls, symbolizing this thought to fear and close-mindedness. Giving an example of this small town Shanisignapur where locals don’t have doors or locks to their houses, the brand proposes us to #OpenDoors and embrace liberty.

Visually showcasing the closing of doors, caging of birds or even babies enclosed in their cribs the brand is here trying to make a point by encouraging us with their services by posing it through their content indirectly as something that stands for freedom. They take a realistic example of a town in India, encouraging everyone to adopt similar practices.

Overall, through their content, the brand takes a dreamy, unrealistic approach through their content without emphasizing on the security or other aspects involved. Ever since its release on March 13, 2017 on YouTube, the film has managed to garner 229,547 views.

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