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Womanhood was widely acknowledged through narratives, illustrations and content all over social media this International Women’s Day. Romedy NOW too became a part of this celebration by sharing their campaign #ThanksButNoThanks.


They aimed at celebrating the spirit of being a woman, not just patronizing them for a day, but each day. Through their channel they voiced the opinion of today’s women.


The brand shot a montage of different women from diverse walks of life come together to express themselves through a striking video.

This campaign looked at strong women thanking people for the chocolates, soft toys, flowers and the attention along with the gifts. But, these strong-headed women made a point and said #ThanksButNoThanks because they strongly felt in celebrating themselves each day.

Making a point through these videos where these women tried to send out a message that they are independent enough to love, respect, pamper, embrace and appreciate every day. Through this message the brand attempted to make this message contagious and hoped that every women feels the same about themselves and does not need a particular day for this acceptance towards self.


The campaign was trending on all digital platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube after its release and stars like Sunny Leone, Singer Shaan, Huma Qureshi, Vijender Singh, Jackky Bhagnani, Elli Avram and Anusha Dandekar tweeted, retweeted and started conversation on International Women’s Day in support of Romedy NOW’s campaign #ThanksButNoThanks.

The campaign also steered up a lot of brand interactions on social media from brands like Amul India, Uber and NGOs like Nanhi Kali.

The campaign received an overwhelming response with over 25 million impressions across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The number of video views on YouTube, Facebook and Twitter crossed 3.2 million and the engagement rate on Facebook went up to 5% just in a day.

The hashtag #ThanksButNoThanks was witnessed 3000 interactions on Twitter, while the video trended on YouTube for over 24 hours.

Romedy Now managed to put their point across through this simple campaign and became a part of the Women’s Day buzz.

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