Snapchat the most searched app on iOS app store

Snapchat has beaten Facebook to become the most searched app on the iOS app store, after months of staying on the backfoot in their battle

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Snapchat has beaten Facebook to become the most searched app on the iOS app store. After months of being on the back foot in the battle with Facebook, the ephemeral photo sharing platform has been offered some respite by gaining some ground against its most bitter rival.

The two social media platforms and also corporations in their own right, Snapchat and Facebook have spent months and years at loggerheads with each other, the battle turning much more vitriolic with each move to outsmart the other.


Snapchat has around 161 million users as per VentureBeat; and more than 2.5 Billion snaps are created and shared on the platform on a daily basis as per MediaKix, and the numbers indicate that the company is slowly but steadily maintaining its growth, even after facing stiff competition from Facebook’s social network family.

A report published on Forbes and conducted by John Koetsier, lists Snapchat as the top most sought after app on the iOS store, closely followed by Facebook owned Instagram, the carrier of Snapchat’s rival and clone, Instagram Stories, and with Facebook on third.

With Google’s YouTube and Kik, a messaging app, rounding off the top five, Facebook still has more apps in the Top 15 than any other corporation, with Messenger at number 8 and WhatsApp at number 14.

A positive development for Snapchat, although innovations and the potential for many more years of adversarial moves are to be expected from the two platforms.

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