Split Testing from Facebook lets brands optimize ads

Split Testing

Facebook is introducing Split Testing, which further improves on their sophisticated advertising capabilities that have been the driving force behind the social network’s rise in the digital marketing ecosystem.

The undisputed USP of social media marketing, or on Facebook to be much more precise is that it offers brands a way to reach their audience with effective targeting at a fraction of the cost of traditional marketing channels.

Facebook admits that testing and optimizing ads can still hamper the process by being time consuming, which is undesirable to say the least. With Split Testing, brands can now ensure that they are utilizing their time and resources with the best possible ads, testing different components across devices and browsers with comprehensive results.

If you are wondering how Split Testing works, here’s how.

Split Testing

Split Testing allows businesses to run controlled ads on Facebook, without worrying about audience overlap, and it lets brands make the most of their budget by surfacing the version of the best performing ad by randomizing the audience, not cookies.

Facebook divides the potential reach within the test among the ad sets to make sure you’re getting accurate results.

Split Testing

Businesses can refer to the compiled data in order to know the best performing ad, and re-apply the information when designing their next ad campaign, or pick the best performing ad and restart their campaign on a larger scale.

Split Testing is available for businesses globally through Ads Manager and the Facebook Application Program Interface.

Split Testing

Christine Schulze, Social Media Advertising Analyst at ROI Revolution says, “With Facebook’s Split Testing feature, we’ve been able to optimize delivery and targeting with confidence. The scientific results help us and our clients make strategic choices that drive lower CPAs and more sales.”

“We’re committed to enabling you to test the ins and outs of your ads on Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network so you can learn what works best for you and your specific marketing objectives. We’ll continue to focus on making your ad spend more efficient and effective.” Facebook concludes.