TATA Motors' Cemora creates a reach of 12.1 million

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TATA Motors’ new four wheel entry in the automobile industry was promoted on social media with a clever marketing strategy that made the socialverse stop and take notice.


In order to promote their newest sports coupe, Racemo, TAMO devised a two pronged social media strategy that banked on intrigue and suspense to capture the attention of social media users all over the world.


The brand initiated promotional activity in February this year, without revealing a single detail about the product, and leveraging Instagram and Twitter as their social media marketing channels.

Chronicling the journey of Cemora, a fictional entity created especially to captivate audiences with catchy visuals that were sent out to the followers in the form of images, videos and postcards, encompassing Cemora’s solo trip across the world.

Hints were dropped from time to time, and all the images an videos were shot from the car’s perspective for a subtle playfulness in TAMO’s approach keeping the communication fresh.

Cemora’s journey lasted three weeks, following which social media users were left wondering who Cemora was. Through one final hint, the brand unveiled the location, date and time of when the world would find out about Racemo, the affordable sports coupe from TATA Motors.


Owing to the innovative approach taken by the brand capitalizing on aesthetic visuals anchored around travel, the campaign delivered a total of 57.1 million impressions, and a Reach in excess of 12.1 million, engaging with more than 1.7million people.

Gaining more than 12,500 followers on Instagram and Twitter, amounting to a cumulative 1.7 million likes, comments, shares and video views through more than 200 pictures and 7 videos.

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