The success recipe of TATA Tea Kanan Devan Photography Escapade 2

TATA Tea Kanan Devan Photography Escapade 2


TATA Tea Kanan Devan



Following up their successful Photography Escapade initiative from last year, the brand, took their campaign a notch higher with TATA Tea Kanan Devan Photography Escapade II. The heritage brand surpassed the norms of traditional marketing to etch a strong presence on social media platforms.


Tata Tea Kanan Devan’s core objective on Social Media was to contemporize itself and connect with the new age target audience with an interesting premise. The Brand also wanted to create an aspirational value around the product and spread a positive word of mouth amongst the digital first audience. To do this, the brand introduced a crowd-sourced package, designed specially by the winners of the Photography Escapade II and find its way to the homes of millions who consume the tea.


Through their social channels, TATA Tea Kanan Devan announced the second edition of the TATA Tea Kanan Devan Photography Escapade II, infusing new elements into the previous edition, with a video on their social channels.

Following up the enthusiasm of the previous edition, the brand succeeded in spreading a positive word of mouth with an online contest to find the ten best photographers who could bring a fresher perspective to the magnificent Kanan Devan Hills, birthplace of TATA Tea’s Kanan Devan tea.

Pushing the boundaries of conventional brand photography, the brand granted creative freedom to the photographers to bring in a rare sense of freshness into their visuals that had the potential to break the monotony of package design.

After picking the 10 winners of the social media contest, TATA Tea Kanan Devan ushered them to a tour of the estate at Munnar Hills for an immersive 360 degree experience through an aerial drone.

Accompanying the photography contest winners was landscape and photography expert, Amit Rane, who shared his knowledge during the trip with them for a thorough learning experience.

Reaping phenomenal dividend from Photography Escapade II, TATA Tea Kanan Devan went a step further by launching a limited edition pack of their enduring product accompanied by the stunning photographs captured by the photographers.

Commenting on the campaign, Sushant Dash, Regional President Tata Global Beverages, said, “We at Tata Global Beverages strive to contemporize our many brands to connect with our target audiences in a unique, exciting and interactive manner.  Globally, brands are facing the universal challenge of connecting with their target audiences in an appealing manner. With the changing needs of consumers and the quick-pace in which trends are moving, we as marketers are tasked to find the ‘sweet spot’ in connecting with consumers. Tata Tea Kanan Devan being a heritage brand, cracked this challenge in a way that excited its consumers through the use of photography- a prominent trend among the youth. With the Photography Escapade 2 campaign, we encouraged our consumers to experience the story behind their everyday cup of tea. This campaign encapsulates how we as a brand constantly work towards evolving our communication with our consumers by creating interactive and rich experiences.”


In the pre-launch phase, TATA Tea rolled out their official Instagram page, and keeping true the brand’s stature, gained hundreds of followers organically in a short period of time.

The video generated a tremendous amount of response on Facebook with more than 297k views, and more than 1.5k likes from TATA Tea Kanan Devan’s 41k Facebook followers.

With the help of the contest alone, TATA Tea Kanan Devan reached more than 4.9 Lacs people on Facebook, and more than 3.7 lacs on Instagram. The campaign hashtag #PhotographyEscapade2 trended on social media across the country.

#PhotographyEscapade and #KananDevanTea became the two prominent hashtags used for the campaign.

Photography Escapade II delivered engagement of more than 4.5L on Facebook, over 75k on Instagram and more than 15k on Twitter due to the remarkable amount of interest from the audience due to creativity being at the heart of the initiative. 91.71% of buzz was received from Twitter.

More than 3k entries poured in, signaling a terrific amount of response with videos and aerial drone shots of the beautiful estate on the Munnar Hills. Throughout the period of their campaign, Tata Tea managed to generate the highest buzz among the other entire tea brand on social media. According to the study of Brand Buzz, the branded tea platforms tracked include Tata Tea and Jaago Re, Kanan Devan, Chakra Gold, Tata Teaveda, Taj Mahal and Red Label among regular tea brands while Tetley and Lipton among green tea brand.

The Photography Escapade has emerged as a distinct digital property for Tata Tea Kanan Devan; the brand managed to push boundaries of branding and curate crowd-sourced behaviors and freshness into package design thereby breaking the monotony of stock images used erstwhile.

By extending the Photography Escapade Tea Kanan Devan facilitated a truly immersive and unique experience for customers and in turn curated the true beauty of Kanan Devan hills through a myriad of lenses.