#WalkBackwardsChallenge breaks the evil of cardiovascular diseases

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In wake of the rising number of cardiovascular patients in the country, a trend that deserves to be broken, for which the #WalkBackwardsChallenge was conceptualized to spread awareness and promote healthy living among social media users.


Building on the fact that ‘walking backwards’ is an excellent cardiovascular exercise to strengthen the heart, it was promoted on the lines of the Ice Bucket Challenge that had gripped social media and helped spread awareness around ALS.

CogMat CEO and Co-Founder, Mitchelle Carvalho kicked off the activity and helped promote the cause by tagging her friends who undertook the challenge and set off a domino effect.

The #WalkBackwardsChallenge involved recording a video of the participant taking 9 steps backwards, and uploading the video on their preferred social media platform, and tag three of their friends to take up the #WalkBackwardsChallenge and keep the chain going.


Within the first 10 days of the challenge going live on social media, more than 75 people participated in the #WalkBackwardsChallenge. Currently, there are more than 200 videos with cumulative views of more than 100,000 across all social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

The #WalkBackwardsChallenge succeeded in its objective of spreading awareness around heart ailments among the social media population.

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