8 wildlife conservation campaigns to celebrate #WorldForestDay

Wildlife Conservation Campaigns

While plenty seem to be indifferent to the diminishing greens, there are some brands on social media raising their voices to bring out a change in this environment.

The slogan of ‘Go Green’ is taken for granted, abused and often exploited due to lack of awareness and empathy towards the fellow beings. The smartest, we call ourselves but our actions beg to differ and to evoke this necessary sense of responsiveness the United Nations General Assembly on November 28, 2012 established the International Forest Day to commemorate on March 21 every year.

On this occasion, let’s take a look at the best Wildlife Conservation Campaigns of all times.


Recently, The World Wide Fund collaborated with Snapchat by sharing short videos and photos and leveraged the fleeting nature of the app to put across their message of diminishing frests and thus wildlife . The campaign asked people to take a screenshot within the 10 seconds of its existence, while the message is playing to save it for later but the actual message is lost forever

United for Wildlife

The Duke of Cambridge, President of United for Wildlife was joined by David Beckham to launch a campaign titled #WhoseSideAreYouOn which aimed to connect the power of sports and social media to ask people a question – the side of illegal poaching or wildlife conservation.

Lego – Everything is not awesome

As a part of Greenpeace’s Save the Arctic campaign, they shared a film by targeting Lego over its partnership with oil corporation, Shell, which continues to drill in the Arctic, oblivious to the environmental hazards, thus this International Forest Day we take a look at how giant brands exploit nature carelessly.

Vanishing- Tigers May Soon Become History

Produced by Fusion, Vanishing is an animated series that hopes to create awareness of the vanishing forest and extinction of wildlife. The film currently has 524k views, 5.6k reactions and was released on #TigerDay back in 2016 and this International Forest Day lets pledge to contribute our bit to the wildlife.


The World Wide Fund for Nature utilized emojis to create a campaign for awareness, which ran on Twitter, ahead of the Endangered Species Day.


Produced by original Penguin, Maryland Zoo in Baltimore & Hippogriff, #ShareConservation was shared to address the depleting population of African Penguins by 98% in the last 100 years.


Aircel, NDTV, and Wildlife Conservation trust huddled to produce a giant campaign to create the imperative awareness towards the depleting tiger census in the country. Continuing their series of #SaveTheTiger, it took a leap on social media to further produce awareness towards the Royal Bengal Tiger of India.


The World Wide Fund for Nature teamed up with agency Hungry Boys to create a campaign that challenged people to Race a Tiger. Hoping to raise awareness about declining tiger population due to poaching and farming, the challenge was to run further than the Amur Tiger which on an average runs about 20 km per day and if people failed to attain the target they had to donate $5 to WWF for conservation

As we know, forests and wildlife co-exist and the inevitability to save both is a responsibility upon us. Time is ticking; we need to act before the wild vanishes and these campaigns on social media are a reminder to our fatal doom.

Mahatma Gandhi once said and I quote, “What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another.”