Zakir Khan has a message that every bachelor needs to hear!

There are thousands of bachelors just like you and me, and Zakir Khan is one of us, and he sums up the pain of every bachelor perfectly

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Zakir Khan

Are you still out there, answering a million questions, assuring all and sundry that you are not the stereotypical dirty, loud music playing, beer guzzling, uncouth, late ghar pe aane wala bachelor?

Well, you aren’t alone if that helps. There are thousands of bachelors just like you and me, and Zakir Khan is one of us, and he sums up the pain of every bachelor perfectly. From the joint press interrogation held by the aunties, uncles, building secretary, and your estate agent, to the Ten (thousand) Commandments they share. He too has been through it all!

The mere utter of the word ‘bachelor’ in a housing society populated with culturally inclined families would invite stares, gasps and protests from the self-appointed aunties of scrutiny.

Veg or Non-Veg? Jeans or Saree? Will you adhere to the deadlines that the neighbour imposes upon their 13-year-old? Are you comfortable with being anti-social because guests are clearly not allowed? Also, it doesn’t matter if you come home with a ‘friend’ from the opposite gender. As far as the watchmen and everyone else is concerned, you’re having sex, okay? Zakir Khan covers all the agony in Bachelors V/S The World

If you are familiar with the twelve labours of Hercules, you would know that he escaped the toughest one there is, renting a flat as a bachelor! Your relationship status opens up the portal to a million different questions.

Are you having flashbacks from your successful endeavour to rent a home? Are you weeping within the confines of your hard earned flat? Or are you still going from society to society, agent to agent?

What if there were a better alternative? What if it did not involve any of the aforementioned atrocities? What if all it required was to go online for #HomesThatDontDiscriminate?

The answer lies at, where you decide. Not the agent. Not the building secretary or committee. Not the surveillance aunties, just you! Sounds too good to be true?

Give it a shot.

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