What do you wish your smartphone did? Well, my wish is to be able to call my misplaced remote and keys with my dearest mobile. But, these kids here have a whole lot of cool wishes.

The little ones in this video were asked what they wish their smartphone could do? From superhuman speed to a magic man who solves all problem, these kids’ wishes have been one of a kind. The best one though is when the little girl says that every mobile phone should have a body guard who would appear during distress and protect girls. Right in the feels!

Well, just when you’re about to soak in the uber cool cuteness oozing from the kids running around the screen, Airtel comes with a message. A smart phone needs a smart network! And to think of it, it makes complete sense.

Seriously, think about it. Before purchasing a smartphone, we check out reviews, browse every brand, look out for the features and only after days of research, we select our pick. And network? Not much thought, there, right? Well if the fuel isn’t correct, the car isn’t going to work!

The video goes ahead to showcase various Airtel features such as Mobile Anti-virus, Phone Damage Protection, Payments Bank, Movies, Music, Games & High-Speed 4G – highlight how the correct network can change the way one uses a smartphone completely.

The one-minuter rather easily brings forward the importance of the network in your smartphone. Airtel also manages to grab consumers’ attention by getting kids to convey the message in a simple yet efficient way. Further, the video is a complete entertainer, making you want to watch the ad all over again, and again.

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