The Amazon Influencer Program to monetise your Influence*

Amazon Influencer Program

You may never have heard the words Amazon and Influencer used together, but well you are about to, and it actually is precisely what it seems, an Amazon Influencer Program, under the Beta testing phase currently.

The Amazon Influencer Program is an exclusive program for social media Influencers with a considerable amount of followers, it sets itself apart from the Amazon Affiliate Program through this very distinguishing factor.

Amazon Influencer Program

“An intuitive vanity URL makes it easy for customers to find, browse and buy the products introduced to them through social media influencers. The program allows influencers to earn fees for purchases they drive through their social media platforms.” is how Amazon puts it.

Now, simply a huge follower base does not guarantee a seat at the Amazon Influencer table (not a real table), as Amazon also considers a range of other relevant metrics for an applicant to be considered eligible.

The chosen ones (intended) would be provided with a vanity URL as the above screenshot mentions, to make it easier for consumers to look for their preferred Influencers and the products they recommend.

An Instagram fashion blogger, or a tech blogger on YouTube with an ample number of followers and quality content can be a part of the Amazon Influencer Program, and leave the links to products they are blogging about, for easy access and the referral works out well for all parties concerned.

Amazon merely acts as a facilitator in this scenario, and in no way gets involved with what products are recommended, or by who. Their end of the game is to bring consumers to Amazon, and that appears to be all.

The Amazon Affiliate Program, known as Amazon Associates in India, on the other hand is open to the whoever wishes, and “allows website owners and bloggers to create links and earn referral fees when customers click through and buy products from Amazon.” as described on Amazon’s website.

Amazon Influencer Program
Source : TechCrunch

What’s Up Moms, a YouTube vlog that caters their content for mothers are a part of the Amazon Influencer Program, and have mentioned the link to their Amazon shop under their video.

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“We are really excited to be a part of this new program. As the #1 Parenting Network on YouTube, we are constantly asked by our community for product recommendations and about the products used in our videos. Now that we have our own Amazon store makes it much easier to have a curated collection all in one spot,” said Liane Mullin, President and COO of WhatsUpMoms in a quote published by TechCrunch.

Amazon Influencer Program
Source : TechCrunch

The Amazon Influencer Program is still being tested, and only a handful of Influencers have joined the program currently. An interesting development in the Ecommerce sector, the Amazon Influencer Program could work wonders for Amazon.


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