Amitabh Bachchan the face of Government’s #IndiavsTB campaign

India vs TB

With an aim to fight the health evil of Tuberculosis, Government of India launched a multimedia campaign India vs TB featuring Amitabh Bachchan.

One person dies every minute due to TB in India and the country has the highest global burden with every one in four TB patients being Indian. The two key issues faced are that a lot of people do not take the symptoms seriously or don’t get early diagnosis for TB and once they avail the treatment, many patients drop out without completing the course.

The main objective therefore, is not only to create awareness about TB symptoms and the need for early diagnosis but also to emphasize that incomplete treatment can be more serious and complicated. DDB Mudra North partnered with the government for creating a campaign which would galvanize the nation towards the mission of ending TB. The campaign is thus aptly titled ‘India vs TB,’ where it calls to the nation to unite against Tuberculosis.

Bachchan, plays the role of a local barber who associates the incomplete grooming of the beard with the incomplete course done for TB. In another one, he plays the role of a garage mechanic, and expresses surprise at a customer who seems to be oblivious of his TB symptoms. The 3rd film, talks about the fatal consequences of drug resistant TB.

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Agency Credits

Agency: DDB Mudra North

President and Managing Partner, DDB Mudra North: Vandana Das

Chairman and CCO, DDB Mudra Group: Sonal Dabral

Creative: Shivil Gupta, Subhashish Datta, Amarjeet Panesar, Saket Srivastava

Account Management: Urvashi Guha, Mohit Kumar, Rakshit Behel