#BasPaanchMinuteAur shuns stigmas around incontinence with a beautiful story

Aishwaria Sonavane
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Friends Diaper
Prospered on heed, the content of the campaign #BasPaanchMinuteAur by Friends Diaper revolves around the rapport between the first and third generation, wherein an episode from a young man and his grandfather’s life is picked up and weaved into a sweet tale.

Campaign Sketch

Brands have identified the magic of story-telling. Infusing the tale around their campaigns, brands are attempting to tap on to the emotions of the people. As narrative incline towards generalities, explanations, reliability or a message it tends to imbibe stronger in the memories of people.

The content showcases how the grandson emphasizes with his grandfather who wakes up multiple times in the middle of the night due to his weak bladder thus having a disturbed sleep and eventually gifts him with adult diapers which give him a serene, full night sleep.

Through this film, the emotions of care and affection are emphasized as the campaign speaks of the mutual compassion between a grandfather and his grandson who live together. Inculcating the product of adult diapers through their content and simultaneously addressing the very common issue of incontinence in the elderly, the campaign contributes to a cause as they sell their product.  In a study commissioned by Nobel Hygiene, 87% of Urologists mentioned that disturbed sleep pattern in elders with incontinence leads to depression.

Kartik Johari - Vice President, Marketing and Commerce, Nobel Hygiene shared that the objective of the film was essentially to start a conversation around the brand the problem as the entire issue is taboo, it is essential to throw light on the matter.

Conceptualized by Thought Pot Studios, Friends Diaper is normalizing adult diapers by actively talking about it, hoping to change the shyness towards the issue by putting across the comfort that comes along with it.

#BasPaanchMinuteAur though is a hashtag that nowhere relates to the product but can be identified by the script of the story. The drawback of this hashtag could be that a viewer without watching the content will make absolutely no relevance to the hashtag but on the other hand can also work as a bait to generate curiosity for them to click on it and know more.

Social media for Health

Currently, on YouTube the video has garnered 1,098,167 views, the fact that the brand used a young man as the protagonist of the film to address to the exact audience to take action for their grandparents.

Plenty of celebrities from the television world too took this opportunity to speak for the issue and shared their positive thoughts around the campaign on Twitter.

Talking about the brief that was given to the agency Johari shared,

“The creative should be emotional, story driven, and targeted towards the care giver; as the actual user is reluctant to discuss the problem.” Johari told Social Samosa.

“The entire campaign was an experiment to see if people are ready to discuss the issue. We've received a resounding answer. We'll follow up its further education related content, and will try and work closely with influencers to get the message out.”

The core target audience is the caretakers and not the users. After some primary research, the brand realized that their user is the biggest barrier for product adoption. The user feels ashamed to even bring up this issue.

"Thus, we changed our 14 year old strategy, and pivoted to caretakers, anyone with seniors in their home or family. Additionally, the senior is bound to listen to his immediate family over a brand pitch,” Johari shares.

The brand launched the film on World Health Day and since the theme this year was depression they wanted to raise awareness about how incontinence leads to depression.

"We knew that #BasPaanchMinuteAur is something everyone resonates with and we wanted to highlight how people suffering from incontinence even get regular don’t sleep much less that added five more minutes,” Johari explained.

The brands claims to have trended for over 5 hours and received numerous stories related to elders with incontinence along with the all the celebrities that lent their support to the initiative. The campaign also trended for over 4 days on YouTube clocking in over a million views in just 5 days and on Facebook reached out to over 232,000 people.

More than often, it’s the oldest generation who are distant from the social world; hence the content revolving around them is also meager. But, as the digital platforms widen, they are covering up a wider audience range attempting to channelize content in favor of this generation.

Recently, in a campaign by the Indian Association of Palliative Care (IAPC), terminally ill patients took the stage of comedy to joke about their imminent death. Trained by comedian Kunal Kamra, Kashyap, Vinay Sharma and Punit Pania the audience comprised of their family members and doctors.

The campaign #LaughAtDeath created by Medulla Communications yet again kept this generation at focus by creating content around them and simultaneously creating awareness around palliative care.

Having two brilliant healthcare campaigns in 2017, is like a light at the end of the tunnel wherein social media is generously embracing the challenge of bringing out a social change by liberating the minds of people and creating awareness around the needs of a wider demography.

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