Chambor Geneva Mannequin Challenge flashes 2017 Make Up Trends

Mannequin Challenge


Chambor Geneva



Chambor, the beauty house decided to use the internet trend – Mannequin Challenge to showcase their prediction for makeup trends in 2017


Catering to a wide age-group the brand endeavored to keep their target audience updated with beauty trends in the market and hoped to inform their customers of innovative beauty products and services.


Instead of showcasing static pictures, they picked the Mannequin Challenge as it allowed the perfect blend of moving and static imagery. Also, the Mannequin Challenge was one of the largest trends of the year gone by. Chambor’s makeup has such a vibrant range that not just people, even mannequins look great with it!

Five makeup trends were chosen to be showcased in the video that was conceptualized and executed by their agency. Since this video was a dedication to their fans, they invited them to be a part of this experience.

Talking about the concept behind the video, Anvi Mody, Marketing, Chambor said, “We are happy with how the video turned out. With the beauty category being extremely cluttered, innovation is what takes centre-stage and strikes a chord with the audience. Our prime objective is to escalate the brand’s identity across platforms and connect with our widespread and loyal audience through one-of-a-kind initiatives. We look to continue this momentum throughout this year.”

Each of the five participants sported one of these trends – Negative Space Eyeliner, Reverse Half Moon Manicure, Goth Glam Lips, Non-Touring and Reverse Smokey Eyes. The video was shot at Chambor’s Exclusive Boutique in Mumbai.


Customers got to see a refreshing take on the innumerable possibilities that they could explore when they decide to get out of their comfort zone for makeup.

On Facebook, the video has reached out to 318,198 people, with 92,750 views, 2208 reactions, 61 comments and 120 shares. Even on Instagram with 34,536 views, 150,501 reach, 477 likes the brand received a good response.