Coca Cola nudges us to #LiftTheFeeling with Deepika Padukone

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Coca Cola nudges us to #LiftTheFeeling with Deepika Padukone

Coca Cola roped in diva Deepika Padukone as their brand ambassador for the new campaign #LiftTheFeeling, wherein she plays her own self.

The film opens with Padukone entering the hotel as she’s encircled with paparazzi and frenzy fans. Making her way to the elevator, wherein she gets stuck inside it with a waiter. As the fan stops functioning, the actress starts to fan herself, which is when the waiter pops open two bottles of fizzy, chilled coca cola for both of them.

After taking a sip, she takes her earphones on, playing the music loud from her phone and starts dancing with the waiter. Soon both of them get rescued and just when the actress is walking away the waiter asks for a selfie with her only to realize later that Padukone’s face is hidden by the bottle of coke. The film ends with a smile on his face as he seemingly thinks about his experience.

Through this film, the brand attempts to show how they find pleasure in creating memorable memories out of ordinary ones. This film captures sweet moments between two strangers, wherein a bottle of coca cola breaks the ice.

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