6 Content Lessons from Durex for long-lasting engagement

Aishwaria Sonavane
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Durex is good, sometimes too good to be true. Raising the oomph factor by embedding sexual innuendos in their communication, building a brand self oozing of kink and wit, Durex has built its social media empire founded on ingenuity like no other. We take a tour of their Facebook handle to scrutinize their content and marketing strategies built on creatives.

1. The Double Entendre 

Talking of sense of humor, Durex has it all. Wittingly hilarious and sexually suggestive, the condom brand refuses to play subtle and we’re not complaining. Throughout their Facebook page, the brand maintains a tonality of kinky, playful and oh-so indicative content. Positioning itself as a one-stop destination for all sex related conversations, with their wit the brand is tickling us at the right places (you know what we mean)

2. Quickie content

The creative team needs to take a bow for their ideation of content in a market wherein the majority cringes every time someone says the word S-E-X out loud. With oodles of creativity and a stronger pun game, the brand is out there to conquer the digital town.

3. The sex tutor 

The brand became our friend, guide and philosopher for sex, if we may say so. Shying, is not an emotion Durex is aware of, thus taking the responsibility to educate netizens about sex, they got as kinky and bold as possible. Best sex-ed classes, ever!

4. Speaking the Emoji lingo

The world will agree how emojis have become the ideal dialect for virtual communication, with brands imbibing them in their campaigns and communication. With emojis for almost every mood, the brand empathized with the absence of a condom emoji and stood up for it by coding egg-plant emoji in their communication. Clearly taking the emoji game to the next level.

5. Staying topical

Brand campaigns revolve around the calendar, cluster the digital world, talking about the same thing, Durex knows how to stay topical yet keep monotony at bay. Shining the brightest and the wittiest, Durex always finds a way to impress us and how.

6. The Brand Ambassador 

Just two words people, Ranveer Singh, the man who taught us to #DoTheRex. With the uncompromisingly vigorous, sex icon of the country in their kitty, Durex left no stone unturned to showcase this blazing association. Taking a fair look at all the brands and their ambassadors, we’d certainly give Singh and Durex the award for the Best Couple.

With campaigns that have scored new audiences in quick time, Durex has raised the bar for quite a lot of brands and they literally 'own' up the S-E-X based content on social media.

Have you come across any other brand that has aroused interests like Durex ? Share the brand or campaigns here and we would be happy to review them!

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