Emami introduced a Flying Basin for the “Alpha Male”

Flying baisn

Pushing the invention of a Flying basin on the forefront by keeping in the mind the necessities of their market, simultaneously staying seasonally topical and catering to the constant on-the-move lifestyle, Emami introduced ‘HE on the GO’ waterless face wash.

Revolving their content around the product by boasting about its ingenious feature, Emami created a wholesome campaign split up in two videos. Conceptualized by the agency WAT Consult, the first video (The Flying basin) was about a satirical product and next introduction of the actual product.

With the motive to intrigue their target audience of ages between 16 to 35 years, HE released their first film which was about ‘The Flying Basin’. Through this film the brand brought in the idea of a possibility of cleansing one’s face while ‘on-the go’, thus establishing the premise of their content.  This hilarious product with absolutely far-fetched features was shown as people ordered the #FlyingBasin through an app to wash their face whenever water was unavailable around.

To convince their audience about the flying basin, Emami even sent out an official quote that blended well with the video. Harsha V Agarwal, Director, Emami Ltd said “We are very excited with the introduction of ‘HE On The Go’ Waterless Face Wash, a first in India, from our male grooming brand ‘HE’.  We are confident that today’s alpha male, who are constantly on the move, will find this innovative face wash extremely convenient and refreshing.  The product has all the attributes to become a constant companion to every Indian man.”

Glorifying this idea of being able to wash the face on the go was established with a comical touch to it and next expanding on this thought through a more realistic product the brand established their waterless face wash which obviously made more sense.  The features and contemporary-life convenience of this product became the hero of their content marketing, wherein this waterless face wash spoke of its properties secondarily.

“The campaign was designed to create awareness and conversations around an inherent consumer need – how to wash face when one is On the Go. The campaign has captured this need beautifully and set the context for the launch of HE on the Go Waterless Face Wash,” Agarwal further added.

Social media grooming

The campaign was well-groomed on social media, wherein the hashtag was focused on the satirical product – #FlyingBasin. The brand indulged in some illustrations to enhance the buzz and curiosity around this concept.

Agarwal explained that the idea behind #FlyingBasin was use of Drone technology, showcasing the message of washing face when one is on the go. Post the teaser launch, the brand integrated on ground activity, with digital integration ( Live Twitter feeds), the waterless booth was to capture live audience reaction and surprise them with the anywhere; anytime use of our new HE Waterless Face wash. The third phase will be the launch of the new TVC for this product.

The video that finally introduced the water-less facewash was pinned on their Facebook wall and garnered 1.4 million views, 21k reactions and over a thousand shares. Whereas, the concept video received 2.4 million views and 4300 plus shares within first 4 days of it going live.

However, the brand lacked on Twitter, wherein there were hardly any mentions with the hashtag or around the campaign.

“The response has been fantastic, with over 3.5 million views of the 2 DVC’s; engagement being very high, where queries are mainly on ‘where to buy the product from’. For that, we are seeing stock outs in various E comm platforms,” Agarwal concluded.

The campaign managed to use curiosity and humour in right proportion to create a buzz around their waterless face wash. Cutting through the noise usually seen in the industry, the campaign managed to stir their target audience.