A look back at the phenomenal success of Google Reunion

Google Reunion

Recently we covered a campaign by Shan Foods, a story that narrated the chronicles of a South Asian woman trying to build a home with friends in Lahore, Pakistan. The cross-border campaign was lauded all across social media and reminded us of one amazing campaign, that is till date considered a bench-mark in cross border campaigns. Say hello to Google Reunion.

Launched in 2013, the campaign was a heart-wrenching tale of two friends who fell prey to the brutal 1947 India-Pakistan partition and brought back together with the help of their grandchildren and the power of Google.

The heart-touching story, interactive cinematography, and impactful music, left the viewers weak in the knees. Till the campaign has over 10 Million views on YouTube, a remarkable feat, achieved by Google.

Google Reunion was also a remarkable breakthrough in brand films, post which digital films were treated more like commercial short films with subtle brand promotion as opposed to treating them like ad films, which implies limited camera angles and vague characters created to suit the short length of commercials.

Have you see the Google Reunion film yet? What are your views on it? And which is your favourite brand-films of all times? Let us know in the comments below.