HP Lubricants promotes safety on highways with #RoadsThatHonk

HP Lubricants

Building a futuristic technology that solves the purpose of benefiting mankind, HP Lubricants built an innovative product that prevents accidents in the most prone area of Jammu-Srinagar Highway, especially the deadliest ‘Turn of Death.’

The brand built equipment called #RoadsThatHonk, an anti-collision vehicle system designed to ease highway commutes in India ensuring safety.

Through this video, the film captures how the intense steep and narrow roads lead to awful casualties and fatal accidents especially on the hairpin bends wherein both vehicles are unaware of what’s coming from the other side and end up crashing. Through the innovation of #RoadsThatHonk, HP Lubricants is placing smart poles with radar technology that communicates with each other to alert drivers on both ends by making a sound of the horn.

With a product that ensures safety, HP Lubricants is promoting it on social media and clearly putting technology to good use. What are your views on the campaign? Share your insights with us on team@socialsamosa.com.